Gillingham Job Club (Dorset)


For an affordable solution to your transport needs.

Moped:  Options: XS125-K with gears

SYM Jet 4 50cc or 125cc 'Twist & Go'

Symphony 125


What's included in the scheme?

Example:  APPROXIMATE                         RETAIL                     W2W

                      COSTS                                   PRICE                      PRICE

                                                                                                       £                                             £

SYM Jet 4 2-stroke 50cc                             1,800.00                    1,080.00

Delivery                                                          120.00                         48.00

registration                                                       72.00                         72.00

Pre delivery inspection PDI                            108.00                         86.40

Compulstory Basic Training CBT                   130.00                        130.00

Insurance                                                        900.00                       300.00

Full Face BX 1 Helmet                                     60.00                         25.20

Roxter Waterproof Jacket                                84.00                         32.40

Roxter Waterproof Gloves                               24.00                         10.22

HI-viz vest                                                        16.80                           3.60

Rainseal trousers                                             24.00                           9.36


                                                                    3,338.80                    1,797.18

Items in Blue text are optional but advisable.

On completition of your CBT, you will take delivery of a brand new 50cc or, if over 17, a 125cc moped (cost of 125cc will be extra).

On receipt of your final payment you will receive the log book and the moped will be yours!

The Rural Dorset Wheels 2 Work (RDW2W) scheme is for people aged 16 and above who need affordable transport to enable them to access education, employment, and training or simply for getting around.

Unlike other moped schemes, the RDW2W scheme is a 'loan to own' scheme, whereby at the end of the payment period, you will own the moped rather than having just rented it, with the option to keep it, sell it back to the scheme (if in very good condition) or sell it privately to finance your next vehicle.

So, how does this work?

In the first instance contact RDW2W at if you are aged 16 - 24 or if aged 25 or over, and you will be sent an application form.

Or telephone SturQuest 01258 471456.

When your application is approved, RDW2W will contact you.


Q) Who do I pay?

A)  Weekly or monthly payments are made to the FDCU (First Dorset Credit Union)

Q)  What happens if I don't keep up the payments?

A)  RDW2W retains ownership of the moped until your last contracted payment.  If you fail to make your payments, RDW2W will reclaim the moped and you will not be eligible for any refund of monies paid.  You will also be liable for any recovery charges if the moped is not returned to the RDW2W site.

Q)  What are the payment likely to be?

A)  Interest rates will vary but typical weekly repayment for all items listed above will be in the region of the figures below:

Period                                 Retail Purchase                                  RDW2W

                                            Repayments                                     Repayments

12 months                                  £77.00                                             £41.34

18 months                                  £55.00                                             £29.95

24 months                                  £45.00                                             £24.34

The quicker you buy the bike the more value it will have when you become the owner.  A retail price bike would be almost double these repayments, even if you can find an interest rate as low.