Gillingham Job Club (Dorset)


Gillingham Job Club is a voluntary organisation and we rely upon the goodwill of local and national businesses and organisations for funding, to enable us to purchase lap-tops, printers, etc and consumables such as ink cartridges, papers, pens, refreshments on a weekly basis.  To date we have received the following funding:


July  14                 Party@theRec                                                  £300.00

March 14              Spectrum Housing Group                               £1,000.00

July 13                 Radio Solent Community Chest                    £300.00

May  2013            Comic Relief Funding                                   £1,320.00 for equipment/consumables

February 2013      Co-operative Membership Community Fund       £450.00 for equipment/consumables

December 2012    Shaftesbury & Gillingham Round Table             £300 for equipment/consumables

June 2012            Waitrose Ltd.                                                  £415 for equipment/consumables 

December 2011      Shaftesbury& Gillingham Round Table             £300 for equipment/consumables

November 2011    The Meggitt Fund,                                           £350 for consumables                                                                           Community Foundation for Bournemouth,                                                                                                                      Dorset and Poole

November 2011    Radio Solent Community Chest £600 for consumables

October 2011    Signpost Residents' Fund £1,111.85 for equipment

September 2011   Hall & Woodhouse Ltd., Community Chest £500   for equipment & consumables

November 2010     ThreeRivers Community Partnership     £250   starting up fund


 Our grateful thanks also to CareWatch, Gillingham for the loan of one of their laptops and to various  other individuals who have loaned us their printer/laptop over the period we have been open.  We are  always very grateful for donations of money or equipment and donors/sponsors are very welcome        to visit Job Club at any time to see how we have spent the money and how it is used for the good          of the community.