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Open IT Training

We are running our first fantastic discounted offer exclusively to Amazon UK for students looking to build and

develop their skills in one of these areas:- Web Design, Social Media & Marketing (Facebook), Project Management

(ITIL, PMP) and CISCO (computer hardware, networking, routers) with up to 93% Off! These are Career level Certifications,

 I.T course programmes - Great for a new Career or to learn something new.


In addition to gaining access to the NUS Student Discount Card!

Learn how to design your own website or online shop and do it professionally. Develop your own Apps or online

games for the world to see. Or learn the techniques and secrets to become a great office Leader or entrepreneur.

Or perhaps you would like to impress your friends with your new fan base of customers? Our courses will teach

you how to generate new traffic and interests using Social Media.

Sign Up or View our unique training programmes exclusively to Amazon (Offer Ends on February 21st)

Open I.T, a UK Learning Centre, helps thousands of jobseekers and working professionals into I.T training programmes

every year. Learn from home supported by our reliable teachers, our award-winning courses feature Video, Audio,

Animations, Interactive Exercises and Simulations to keep the lessons interesting but impactful learning experiences

for the student. Open I.T further enhance the e-learning process by aligning users´ individual learning objectives and

career goals, giving them the roadmap and motivation to become more engaged in their overall development.

Benefits of training:

·  Gain expert and comprehensive skills for your chosen course - learn how to do it yourself;

·  Online Certification upon passing your course or exam;

·  Job Support and Reference;

·  Gain access to NUS Student Discount Card;

·  24/7 Tutor Support - Online Instant Mentoring;

·  Freephone Support;

·  Suitable for all users - from beginners to professionals;

·  No additional software needed;

·  Interactive Simulation, text and audio based training;

·  Access to constantly updated content;

·  Flexible learning over PC, MACs and Hand-Held Devices;

·  We will even help you find your first job!

We aim to craft our courses and tuition to be the most comprehensive and engaging e-learning experience on

the market.

To take advantage of the offer please click and follow the link below;

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards,

Craig Moore
Training Manager, Open I.T

T: 0800 622 69 69 (freephone) or 01279 621 750
F: 01279 430 199



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